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The Outer Worlds 2 for PC is the hotly anticipated sequel to the first game of the same name (The Outer Worlds) It is a dystopian sci-fi RPG (role-playing game),
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The Outer Worlds 2 for PC is the hotly anticipated sequel to the first game of the same name (The Outer Worlds) It is a dystopian sci-fi RPG (role-playing game), with first person and it is set to live up to the promise of that award-winning first iteration when it is finally released in 2023/2024. Let us take a look at what we know so far.

About the Game

The first game was hugely popular for being a well-planned and developed game, but also because of the quirky sense of humour that underlies much of the gameplay. That same endearing sense of humour is already apparent in the teaser ads that have been released so far.

From the very earliest mentions of the game being in development, the developers have promised new and exciting worlds to explore, fabulous new characters to customise and play as, but the same Outer Worlds setting that fans love so well. This game takes place just outside the Halcyon Star System of the first game, so can be seen as a continuation of your first adventure.

Learn what’s new in the game by spending a few moments letting the opening cut-scenes play out and using the tutorial sections to perfect your skills, customise your characters and arm yourself with the wide range of both traditional and quirky weapons that are on hand, and then, when you are comfortable with your team and your weapons, get out there and explore!

What’s New and What’s Not?

As the game did so well the first time around, the emphasis on single player progress and events will most likely remain. This is all but assured as the focus of the game is very much PvE (player versus environment) in a fairly wide-ranging game map. Multiplayer in such conditions could be tricky to pull off and would result in a very uneven gaming experience.

Co-operative play is being whispered about, but has not yet been confirmed. Just as in the first game you are not a spaceship captain: the ships are not controllable, but they serve well as fast travel mechanisms, delivering you speedily from planet to trading post to satellite to planet, while you can follow along the story mode, solving quests and puzzles, helping NCPs, and just generally exploring the excellent graphics.

Look out for some familiar faces amongst the NCPs if you enjoyed the first game.

Skill Trees

As you progress in the game, you are offered various skill trees to climb. Amongst those that made the jump from the first game are:

  • Science – create a shrink ray to make your enemies tiny, and therefore very easy to defeat! This and other possibilities await you in the science branches of the skill tree

  • Medical – ensure your characters remain in the best health of their lives by whipping up vitamin potions, enhancing their abilities and more

  • Engineering – a moment’s thought, a few useful items and… voila … you have – whatever it is that you need right now! Engineering is always a useful skill and helps to make life more efficient and comfortable

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